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Starting New Years Eve 2019 we had to evacuate 5 times from the threat of the massive bushfires.

Deirdre’s story

Barragga Bay, NSW

  • Fire

Starting New Years Eve 2019 we had to evacuate 5 times from the threat of the massive bushfires. First to Bermagui for 3 days and then due to no fire dept or police or hospital in town we were told to go to Bega which is in a valley inland.

We left the coast for Bega and were then surrounded by fires for 3 days. Then the highway to Canberra opened up and cars did the 3 hour trip in 8 hours due to all the traffic congestion.

Canberra air quality was horrible so we drove up to Northern Rivers, which is where we had friends to stay with 1200KLM away. Not everyone has friends locally to bunk with.

We hope to never go through that again, but undoubtably we will.

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Cathie's story

Mogendoura, NSW

  • Drought
  • Fire
  • Flood

I have been deeply affected emotionally by the trauma of the Black Summer bushfires. Two and a half years later, I still find it hard to talk about it without tears - and yet I want to talk about it.

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Bushfires. Floods. Heatwaves. Disease.

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